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In October 2016, the Black upStart partnered with Capital Cause to raise money to support our effort to launch a Kidpreneur Bootcamp for 30 Black boys enrolled in Boys Institute.  Each boy was enrolled in Stanton Elementary as a 3rd, 4th or 5th grader and each was eager to learn how to earn a living through starting a business. 


The boys graduatred the six day bootcamp started a beverage business called "Boys II Kings Beverage."  They sold 72 bottles at $3/bottle.  100% of their earning were donated to Boys Institute.   


These generous Black men donated to make the Kidpreneur Bootcamp happen and we are grateful:

Top Donors:

Curt Midkiff

Dave Morrow

Joe Briggs

Lowell Wooden

Champion Donors:

Andre Lane

Anthony Hales

Bishop Sparks

Brandon Frame

Brandon Frazier

Brandon Andrews

Byron Lee

Christopher Creese

Christopher King

CJ Grant

Dexter Webster

Isaiah Castilla

James Smith

Javier Martinez

Jeff Tribble

Jeff Chance

Jonathan Murphy

Maleke Glee

Marshall Pollard

Mustafa Lutfi

Oliver Spurgeon

Oscar Mardis

QB Driskell

Richard Ezike

Romell Cummings

Register your child to participate in future kidpreneur bootcamps at

Black upStart Kidpreneur Bootcamp

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