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The Black upStart Agenda

Registration includes the following:

  • Program materials (curriculum, bootcamp prep packet, t-shirt); and

  • Snacks

Meals provided at the 6-day bootcamp only.


Program Benefits:

  • Build a Minimum Viable Product:  Every cohort member builds a minimum viable product

  • Create a Business Canvas: Every cohort member creates a business canvas

  • Gain Access to Business Coaches: Every cohort member gets access to an entrepreneurship coach throughout the program

  • Learn from Successful Black Entrepreneurs:  Every cohort gets access to African-American business owners who manage successful and profitable businesses

  • Get Funded:  Each graduating cohort will have access to financial institutions, angel investors and donors upon graduation

​Consultant Support:

  • Landing Page Development:  A Black upStart consultant designs your website.

Landing Page - Example

Black upStart Owner of Crowned

Successful Fundraising Page - Example

Black upStart Owner of Ama Scents


Includes cost of landing page (website) & prototype development


Understanding Your Marketplace -

DAY 1:  Evaluate the marketplace and identify opportunities that can yield profit for your business

From Idea to Action: Is  Your Idea a Profitable One?

DAY 2:  Validate your business idea in order to determine if it can generate enough sales to cover your expenses and yield profit for you

Building Your Prototype

DAY 3: Make your product or map out your service 


The Innovator's ABC's: All  About  the Business  Canvas

DAY 4:  Develop an abbreviated business plan and a strategy on how to sell your products/service 

​Economics:  Understanding Your Market + Making the Sale

DAY 5:  Gain insight into how to be a good sales person and how to take your product to market

Pitch Day

DAY 6:  Share your product with potential customers




from Idea to Action: Is  Your Idea a Profitable One?


Building Your Prototype


Pitch Day

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