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How can I donate?

Please donate to Capital Cause, which is the nonprofit arm of the Black upStart.  Our entrepreneurship programs are managed through this 501c3 nonprofit. 

Contribute HERE:

How long do trainings last?

The Black upSart Bootcamp hosts six (6) day bootcamp and a three (3) day weekend accelerator program for Black entrepreneurs.

Where do trainings taking place?

For 2018, we will host programs in the District of Columbia, Brooklyn and Baltimore.  if you would like to have us host programming in your city, please email

Is this for current or aspiring entrepreneurs?

This program is for participants who have a business idea but need help getting started.  If you don't have  a business idea, we welcome your participation and we will lead you through the ideation process.  If you do have a business, but it is not profitable enough to employ at least one person full-time, we will advise you on how to scale your business to achieve this goal.

What type of businesses do you support?

We seek to support and develop African-American owned businesses that sell consumer products.  Our goal is to assist you in "making" your first product, testing it and then teaching you how to build a business to sell it.  However, we occasionally accept service businesses.

How much does the Bootcamp cost?

The cost ranges from $399 - $750.  A training will be conducted to train individuals on how to turn their contacts into capital through crowdfunding.  This important entrepreneurial skill will assist applicants with covering the costs related to their tuition and their prototype.  The average cohort member raises $600.

What if I don't want to crowdfund my tuition?

Participants have the option of paying their full tuition and not participating in the pre-class crowdfunding activity; however, they must still attend the crowdfunding training session.

Does your program have coaches?

The cohort will have access to a seasoned entrepreneurship coach that will be present throughout the duration of the class.  They will assist with the implementation of the curriculum and development of the minimum viable product.

What will the curriculum teach?

The curriculum will teach participants how to have an entrepreneurial mindset, how to build an innovative product, how to build a successful and profitable business and how to embrace an economic way thinking.

Who will teach the curriculum?

The Black upStart's Program Director will administer the curriculum.  Each module will be coupled with talks from local entrepreneurs and innovators.  Additionally, each entrepreneur will participate in making their minimum viable product throughout the duration of the program.

How can I contact you?

Frequently Asked Questions

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