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Black upStart
The Black upStart
The Black upStart
The Black upStart
The Black upStart
The Black upStart
The Black upStart

Black upstart Schools

 The Black upStart teaches aspiring Black entrepreneurs how to start a successful and profitable business through an intense, culturally-relevant popup school.  Our learning experience prepares Black innovators to compete by training them to:

  • THINK BLACK:  Learn how to brainstorm a profitable business idea

  • BUILD BLACK:  Learn how to build your first prototype

  • PLAN BLACK:  Learn how to craft a business model canvas

  • TEST BLACK: Learn how to validate your business idea

We trained nearly 400+ Black entrepreneurs​ since 2016, some of whom have received investments from venture capitalists, opened retail locations, won pitch competitions and have been featured in Black Enterprise, the Washington Post and ABC News.

Skillhouse U


The Black upStart presents our neweest initiative: Skillhouse U -  a mobile "Classroom for the Culture" which teaches not only about business creation but also wealth creation.  A new age "HBCU," we teach what you should have learned in school: investing, real estate purchase, debt elimination, side hustles and more...    

The Night School

Let's Build Black Wealth! 

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Teach with Us:


Apply to teach with the Black upStart!  We are seeking practitioners in the legal, accounting, entrepreneurship, innovation and technical fields.  We are seeking individuals with personality,  who are purpose driven.  We are also seeking teachers who have mastered skills in their industry and are masters in their topic area.


Positions are paid.  No degree is required.    

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